Graduation Requirements-The HUB - Carnegie Mellon University

Graduation Requirements

Below are necessary steps to prepare for graduation:

1. Review your unofficial academic record on Student Information Online (SIO) for missing or incomplete grades and missing transfer credit.  

  • If you have any outstanding transfer credit, you must have the other school send an official transcript directly to the University Registrar's Office, 5000 Forbes Avenue, Warner Hall A-19, Pittsburgh, PA 15213.  Our office will distribute the official transcript to your department for approval. Please make sure your department knows to expect the transcript.

2. Review your degree information and graduation status on Student Information Online (under the Academic Info tab, click on Graduation and Diploma).

3. Check your student account balance on SIO.  Any balance greater than zero will cause diplomas, degree verifications and transcripts to be financially held until the account is paid in full.

4. Attend an exit interview if you have loans. You will receive information about exiting from the Student Accounts Office in a separate venue.

5. If you are continuing studies at Carnegie Mellon:

  • Register for classes for the upcoming semester.  By not registering for classes, we will assume that you are not continuing studies. Thus, we will: a.) remove upcoming charges; b.) remove your access to register for future courses; and c.) signal your Andrew ID to expire.

6. If you are not continuing studies at Carnegie Mellon:

  • Do not register for classes. Your enrollment status will change to ‘pending graduate' for the upcoming semester.  This will prompt the system to: a.) remove upcoming charges; b.) remove your access to register for courses; and c.) place your Andrew ID to expire in a few months.  

7. If you are attending the May commencement ceremony in Pittsburgh:

  • Be sure to check the commencement website for updated information. Past August and December graduates should bring their diploma. Otherwise, a blank diploma case will be issued during the ceremony.   

For questions concerning graduation or diplomas, send e-mail to