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Graduation FAQs

If you have a question about your graduation date or requirements, please contact your department. If you have a question regarding graduation policies, please contact the University Registrar's Office at or 412-268-1922.

How can I request a degree application for graduation?

What should I do if my new permanent address is not listed on SIO's Graduation and Diploma page?

My program concludes later than the end of the spring semester. Will I be able to participate in the commencement ceremony?

I am scheduled to graduate in May. However I have one more course to take to have an additional major/minor listed on my diploma. How can I ensure that the additional major/minor is posted to my diploma?

Can I add an additional major or minor to my degree once the course work is completed?

I am attending Commencement, and I need a letter that shows my parents have permission to attend as well. How can I get this?

I need to show proof of my degree for an H1B Visa; what do I do?