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A Carnegie Mellon diploma is a student's certificate of accomplishment. The diploma is printed with the name the student approved on Student Information Online, along with the student's primary degree (i.e. Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering), any additional majors, and any university honors. To approve diploma information, students should sign onto Student Information Online, and under the Academic Info tab, click on Graduation and Diploma. Minors are no longer listed on the diploma, although they will continue to be indicated on the official transcript.

The diploma is 14 x 17 inches and is marked with a seal and encased in a gold and burgundy case. Carnegie Mellon diplomas do not contain a registration or certificate number. Please note that the university does not provide 8.5" x 11" diplomas.

Certain circumstances will result in receiving a diploma at a later date, and students will be informed in advance. Diplomas are not available prior to the stated date of graduation. Please view Deadlines & Diploma Distribution for specific information on diploma distribution timelines.

IMPORTANT:  The Carnegie Mellon University transcript is the official record of a student's progress and accomplishment at Carnegie Mellon.

For questions, please e-mail uro-diplomas@andrew.cmu.edu.

Diploma Authentication

The diploma authentication is a two-sided, notarized document providing a copy of the diploma and a signed authentication letter stating the student's name, degree, and graduation date. The diploma authentication service costs $20 each and cannot be faxed or e-mailed.

To have a diploma authenticated:

  1. Submit a Diploma Authentication (.pdf) form to the University Registrar's Office, Carnegie Mellon University, 5000 Forbes Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15213.
  2. Submit an 8 1/2" x 11" photocopy of the original diploma to the University Registrar's Office. Photocopy must contain the official seal and signatures. If you are having problems photocopying your diploma, please visit a professional copy service.

Carnegie Mellon will provide a signed notarized letter of authentication on the reverse side of the diploma photocopy, and forward it to the specified address.


The University Registrar's Office does not provide an apostille. Students requiring an apostille should contact Pennsylvania Department of State at 717-787-5280 or RA-CERTIFICATIONS@state.pa.us. Or visit their website.

Replacement Diplomas

In order to request a replacement diploma, Carnegie Mellon requires that the alumnus complete a Diploma Replacement (.pdf) form. Please fill out this form in its entirety and submit it to the University Registrar's Office, Carnegie Mellon University, 5000 Forbes Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15213. These requests normally take 8-10 weeks for delivery. The cost is $50 and may be paid via cash, check, money order, or student account (currently enrolled students only).

Questions? See Diploma FAQs.