Cap & Gown Adornments-The HUB - Carnegie Mellon University

Cap & Gown Adornments

To order a cap and gown for the commencement ceremony, complete the Commencement Regalia Request Form.

Along with the standard Carnegie Mellon cap and gown, other regalia that may be worn during the commencement ceremony are:

  1. Medallions and/or cords are restricted to the use of designating university honors, college honors or university honor societies that admit students across all disciplines.
    • Medallions typically represent university honors and cords typically represent college honors.
    • Medallions and/or cords should not be used to designate other honors/clubs.
    • Medallions and honors cords may also be worn in conjunction with stoles and pins.
  2. It is recommended that graduating students wear only one stole with their academic regalia.
    • Students are certainly permitted to receive/purchase more than one stole if they are a member of multiple organizations that issue stoles and may choose to wear a particular stole to the main commencement ceremony and another to their diploma ceremony.
  3. Graduating students who are a member of a club/organization that issues pins to designate affiliation are permitted to wear more than one pin with their academic regalia along with a stole, medallion and/or cords (as applicable).

These guidelines were reviewed and updated by the Associate Deans' Council in February 2009.