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Assigning Grades

Change of Grade

You now have the ability to change a grade via the Electronic Grade Processing website during the CURRENT grading period. After the grading deadline has passed, you will NOT be able to change a grade through the website. You will need to complete a Change of Grade/ Missing Grade Form for any late FINAL grade changes.

Missing Grade

All final grades not submitted by due dates are considered missing grades. After the designated grade processing period, the Web Application can no longer be used. Please submit a Change of Grade/Missing Grade Form for each student registered for your class missing a 'final' grade. Once complete, this form should be sent to Enrollment Services, Warner Hall, lower level, for processing.

Incomplete Grade

When assigning an incomplete (I) grade, you will need to provide a default grade. If you do not provide a default grade, you will receive an error message in your confirmation, and no grade will be saved.

A default grade is the grade a student will receive if he/she does NO additional work for this course. If the I grade has not been changed by the end of the next semester, the default grade will be recorded on the student's transcript.

Audit Grade

Instructors assigning an audit grade for a student who successfully completes the course would give an "O" grade. For any student who has not successfully completed the requirements for auditing the course, a blank grade or * (asterisk) grade should be assigned.

"W" Grade

While entering your mid-semester or final grades, you may come across a student who has already been assigned a "W" grade. "W" grades are assigned when a student drops a course after the tenth day of class, but before the last day of class ends. "W" grades can also be entered by the Enrollment Services Office. If a "W" grade has been assigned to a student, it cannot be changed through the Web Application.


If you have any additional questions or experience difficulty entering your grades, please send email to This account is monitored during working hours Monday through Friday.