Payment Plan-The HUB - Carnegie Mellon University

Payment Plan

The payment plan allows students and families to pay amounts due to the university in manageable monthly installments and provides the convenience of enrolling and making payments online through Tuition Management Systems (TMS).

Plan Summary

  • Annual and semester plans are available for a low enrollment fee. Students graduating in December or beginning in the spring semester may be charged a lower enrollment fee.
  • Families renewing a payment plan for a subsequent academic year have the option of paying over 12 months rather than the standard 10 months. Please log into your TMS account to renew your plan.


  • Life insurance coverage for the bill payer's account.
  • Families have the flexibility of reducing or increasing their annual/semester budgets accordingly if a balance is due to the university or if there is a credit balance on the CMU student account.
  • CMU will communicate to students/payers via email no less than twice each semester if their TMS plan requires adjustment.

Important Notice to Students Receiving Financial Aid

Graduate students supported by their academic department also receiving financial aid in excess of their amount due to CMU should not enroll in TMS for the Health Insurance Plan, as health charges will be deducted from their financial aid. 

Important Information

  • An Andrew User ID is required when using TMS. Your Andrew User ID is the prefix of your Carnegie Mellon email address. For example, andrewc2 is the Andrew User ID for
  • TMS representatives do not have access to specific CMU student account information due to FERPA regulations*.
  • The university only provides TMS with cost of attendance information.
  • CMU receives TMS adjustment files every day. Changes made to a TMS budget plan will appear on the student's account within two business days.

*Student account information can only be provided by CMU staff to students due to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974.