General Billing Information-The HUB - Carnegie Mellon University

General Billing Information

Tuition & Fees Information

Payment or Charge Verification

Students seeking a payment verification document or detail on specific charges should complete the Student Account Verification request form. 

Student Account Adjustments

Tuition charges are applied to student accounts after registration. If courses are added before the course drop deadline for full tuition refund, tuition adjustments will be made the following day. If courses are dropped before this deadline, the tuition adjustments may not be reflected until immediately after this date. View the Academic Calendar for dates.

Credits to Student Accounts

Most scholarship and grant aid is credited to a student’s account after it has been determined by the Student Financial Aid Office. Direct Loans, outside scholarships and sponsor payments are only credited to the student account when payment is received and processed by the university. The Federal Direct Perkins Loan and other institutional loans are credited to the student account in tandem with scholarships and grants. Promissory notes will need to be signed for these loans or they will be cancelled and the student account will be charged appropriately.