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Billing FAQs

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When is an invoice issued and how can I view it?

How do I read my invoice?

Why does my invoice not match my student account balance?

I am the bill payer, but I do not receive an invoice. What do I do?

Why does a student need to provide authorization to Carnegie Mellon to email invoices or for My Plaid Student?

How will a student add, update or remove authorization or an email address for a bill payer?

I am receiving tuition reimbursement from my employer but they require an invoice from CMU. What do I do?

I am an international student and would like to wire money to CMU. Do I have to use peerTransfer?

I am having a difficult time making payments for my tuition. What can I do?

If a bill is already paid on a student's behalf by a sponsor or academic department, does the student need to authorize either as a bill payer on SIO?

I'm receiving Tuition Assistance from the military. What do I do?

I'm no longer a student, why do I continue to receive invoices?