Departmental/Payroll Graduate Students-The HUB - Carnegie Mellon University

Departmentally Supported New & Existing Graduate Students

Payroll deductions for departmentally supported graduate students are established by their respective departments and typically cover tuition and/or mandatory fees such as technology, student activities, and/or transportation fees.

Payroll deductions are paid in 8-9 monthly installments between September and April (and/or May depending on the length of the deduction established by the student's department). 

Important Note: Mandatory fees not supported by your academic department will NO LONGER be set up on payroll deduction. Please contact your department directly for detailed information about which fees will be set up on payroll deduction and which fees will remain your personal responsibility.

Student Responsibility

Departmentally supported students are responsible for all charges not covered by their departments. Failure to make payments for these charges may result in delayed registration for the following semester. Students may view their current account charges on their most recent E-Bill in SIO.

Charges such as health insurance, library fines, summer housing, and other miscellaneous charges are not supported by any department and students should resolve associated balances by the standard payment deadlines included in the student's E-Bill.

Please view available payment options that may be used to satisfy your personal obligation to CMU above your pay deductions.

Health Insurance Payment Options

Students without Financial Aid

Graduate students supported by their academic department who are NOT receiving financial aid, may use Tuition Management Systems (TMS) as an available resource to make payments to their student account Health Insurance balance which they are personally responsible for. 

To take advantage of this payment option, students may enroll in a TMS Health Insurance Plan at the beginning of each new year. TMS Health Insurance Plans are annual with a plan period beginning in September and ending in May. Enroll in a TMS plan.

Important Note: Students who will be departmentally supported on payroll deduction for the Spring semester only, will NOT be able to utilize a TMS payment plan for their Health Insurance charges. TMS does not currently offer any Health Insurance semester-based plans.

Students with Financial Aid

Graduate students receiving financial aid in excess of their amount due to CMU, should NOT enroll in the TMS Health Insurance Plan, as the charges will be deducted from their financial aid.

Graduate Student Transition (GST) Loans

The Graduate Student Transition Loan is a no-interest, 4-month loan available to first-semester Carnegie Mellon graduate students only to assist with transitional expenses. GST loans may not exceed 75% of the student's monthly gross salary/stipend (exclusive of tuition).

To obtain a GST loan, students must contact their department to complete a Transition Loan form prior to September 15 for the fall semester and prior to January 15 for the spring semester.

An additional $25 processing fee will be deducted from the student’s monthly pay in four (4) equal installments between September and December for the fall semester and between January and April for the spring semester.

Students who do not qualify for a GST loan and are in need of a short-term loan may apply for an Emergency Loan.