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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Preferred Name Implementation: Blackboard

This notice provides an update to faculty, staff, and students regarding the second phase of preferred name guidelines implementation for students.

Following Commencement in May 2012, Blackboard course rosters will display a student’s preferred first/given name instead of the official first/given name in all instances where the student has designated a preferred name in Student Information Online (SIO.) If no preferred first/given name has been indicated by the student, then the student’s official first/given name will be displayed.

Faculty and other academic and administrative staff may refer to The HUB website for a list of resources available to assist in determining a student’s official university name in relation to the preferred first/given name.

The preferred name guidelines for students were announced in August 2011 and feedback has been positive. Approximately17 percent of undergraduate and graduate students have designated a preferred first/given name in SIO.  The preferred first/given name is already displayed in SIO and on the student’s unofficial academic record (aka “white print”).  Additionally, since the launch of the preferred name guidelines, faculty and administrators have been able to print class rosters with students’ preferred first/given names from the S3 Admin Console course roster page. With the second phase of implementation including Blackboard, all course rosters will be consistent as of summer 2012.

Learn more about the guidelines at  Updates will be communicated to the campus community as changes are implemented. For questions about the use of a student’s preferred first/given name, please contact University Registrar John Papinchak at

Gina Casalegno
Dean of Student Affairs