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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Voter ID Requirement for November General Election

The Pennsylvania General Assembly in March 2012 passed a law requiring all registered voters to produce a photo ID with an expiration date before casting a vote. The law is in effect for this year’s General Election in November.

Among the acceptable identification cards are photo IDs from an accredited public or private Pennsylvania college or university, including Carnegie Mellon. The cards must contain an expiration date. Cards that are expired will not be accepted.

For institutions that do not have expiration dates on their student ID cards, the Department of State has authorized colleges and universities to issue stickers with expiration dates for students who wish to cast a vote in November’s election.

In addition to student IDs, the following identification cards with expiration dates are being accepted for voting:

  • Pennsylvania driver’s license or a non-driver’s license (these IDs are valid for voting purposes 12 months past their expiration date)
  • Valid U.S. passport
  • U.S. Military ID – active duty and retired. Military dependents’ ID must contain an expiration date
  • Employee photo ID issued by federal, state, county or municipal government
  • Photo ID issued by a Pennsylvania care facility, including long-term care facilities, assisted living residences or personal care homes
A voter who does not possess a photo ID on Election Day will be allowed to vote by provisional ballot. They would then need to produce the proper identification to the county election board within six days of the election to have the vote count.

Information is available at or call 1-877-votespa (868-3772).