Student Privacy Rights at CMU-The HUB - Carnegie Mellon University

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Student Privacy Rights at CMU

Your student privacy is important to us and we want to remind you of our policy on Student Privacy Rights.

An important part of that policy is student directory information, used for the purpose of compiling campus directories, which includes personally identifiable information that may be disclosed without your consent, unless you specifically request that the university not do so by completing the Directory Information Restriction form. We ask that if you wish to place this restriction to please complete and submit this form to The HUB (lower level Warner Hall).

Carnegie Mellon University has designated directory information to include the following:

  • Student's full name, campus e-mail address, campus/local address, local telephone number, class, department, college of enrollment, dates of attendance, date(s) of graduation, degree(s) awarded, and sorority or fraternity affiliation.
  • For those students participating in intercollegiate athletic events, personally identifiable information may include the sport of participation, height and weight.

Please note that your parent name, address, and telephone number are not considered directory information. Also, the release of your Andrew e-mail address may not be restricted.

John Papinchak
University Registrar