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Monday, March 10, 2014

Check out SOC's new look & features

Schedule of Classes update part of S3 release

The Schedule of Classes (SOC) has an updated appearance and new features thanks to the Student Services Suite (S3) team and University Registrar’s Office. The new look was part of the latest S3 release on March 10, 2014.

SOC is viewable to the public since it does not have a connection to Student Information Online or registration. Public access to SOC provides an opportunity for those outside the university to learn about Carnegie Mellon academics and the variety of courses offered. The only section of SOC the public cannot access is the complete schedule, as it requires a login by Andrew account holders.

socIn addition to the modern-looking portal, users will notice that all search items have been combined into one course search page. This will allow users to select more than five departments at a time or search all departments at once, as well as search a specific teaching location (i.e. Rwanda), instructor, time, or keyword.

A teaching location column and a column indicating mini courses have been added to the SOC results page and users can also view when a course schedule was last updated. The new portal was created with ease of view in mind; cancelled sections are highlighted in red and course detail access links are blue.

The new banner at the top of SOC offers helpful, easy-to-find navigation to related websites – including a campus map, legend, and textbook information. Users can report technical issues, provide general comments, and ask questions within the updated feedback section.

The complete schedule feature allows Andrew account users to save or print a PDF or HTML version of the complete schedule of classes. The Excel format will no longer be accessible.

If you have questions or comments about the new SOC, feel free to email

University Registrar's Office