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Pennsylvania Act 32/Local Earned Income Tax

PA Act 32 of 2008 is effective on January 1, 2012. PA Act 32 restructures how local governments and school districts collect local income tax in Pennsylvania. This Act requires Carnegie Mellon to collect Earned Income Tax (EIT) on behalf of its employees for the local municipality in which they live or work beginning January 2012. Student employees are impacted.

Students who are employed at Carnegie Mellon in Pennsylvania are required to take action to ensure that the amount of tax withheld is correct and that the tax is disbursed correctly according to the tax residency address. All employees who live in or work in the state of Pennsylvania are required to complete a Local Earned Income Tax Certification form. If you don't complete and sign the form, your local tax withholding may be incorrect.

View more information about Earned Income Tax on the CMU Works website. For questions about EIT, email