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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some Frequently Asked Questions for parents and other My Plaid Student users.

More Questions?

If you have a question regarding the registration or log-in process that is not answered here, please contact the Computing Services Help Center at (subject line: 'My Plaid Student') or 412-268-4357.

If you have a question regarding the content and use of My Plaid Student that is not answered here, please contact The HUB at or 412-268-8186.

What is My Plaid Student?

How does My Plaid Student work?

How can a parent sign up for My Plaid Student?

What is Tartan-ConnectID?

What happens if a parent starts the registration process but does not finish? Can he/she start over?

Can the invitation link be clicked on twice so a parent can sign up through Gmail and Yahoo?

If a parent forgets whether he/she used Gmail or Yahoo during Tartan-ConnectID registration, what should they do?

If a parent forgets their Gmail password, can Carnegie Mellon tell them what it is?

If a parent deletes the invitation email, can Carnegie Mellon resend it?

If a parent has more than one child at Carnegie Mellon, how do they access both of their accounts?

What should a parent do if they do not have an email account?