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Frequently Asked Questions


The My Plaid Student (MPS) identity service provider update is complete and invitations and access changes are now available. In order for existing MPS users to log in to MPS, they will need to be re-invited by their student via Student Information Online (SIO) and will need to complete the registration process after receiving a guest invitation by email. Learn more.

More Questions?

If you have a question regarding the registration or log-in process that is not answered here, please contact the Computing Services Help Center at (subject line: 'My Plaid Student') or 412-268-4357.

If you have a question regarding the content and use of My Plaid Student that is not answered here, please contact The HUB at or 412-268-8186.

What is My Plaid Student?

How does My Plaid Student work?

How can a parent sign up for My Plaid Student?

What is Cirrus Identity Service?

What if a parent has an active Carnegie Mellon Andrew email account?

What happens if a parent starts the registration process but does not finish? Can he/she start over?

Can the invitation link be clicked on twice so a parent can sign up through Google and Yahoo?

If a parent forgets whether he/she used Google or Yahoo during registration, what should they do?

If a parent forgets their Google or Yahoo password, can Carnegie Mellon tell them what it is?

If a parent deletes the invitation email, can Carnegie Mellon resend it?

If a parent has more than one child at Carnegie Mellon, how do they access both of their accounts?

What should a parent do if they do not have an email account?

What if a parent has an AOL email account (or other email account not listed as an option during registration)?