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Graduate Student Grievances

University Grievance Procedures and Contacts

The vice provost for education, dean of Student Affairs and director/associate dean of Student Affairs meet regularly with graduate students to discuss any issues or concerns they may have. Students are likewise encouraged to speak directly to their graduate student representatives and to the president of the Graduate Student Assembly.

College, Department and Program Level 

Though the procedures for handling graduate student concerns vary greatly from one department to another, graduate students are encouraged to discuss their academic concerns informally within their academic department first. Further information on formal concerns and grievances is available in each department's written handbook. Contact your department's graduate coordinator for more information.

If a resolution cannot be resolved at the department or college level, an appeal may be made to the Provost at the request of one of the parties involved. The Provost may handle the case with the advice of others and/or choose to refer the case to a committee.