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Human Resources—
Functional Areas

Whitfield Hall
143 North Craig Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Phone: 412-268-3386
Fax: 412-268-1524

Central Human Resources
Benefits & Compensation

319 South Craig Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Phone: 412-268-2047
Fax: 412-268-7472

Business Manager
Yvette Raymond
319 SCRG 302
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Phone: 412-268-6008

Central Human Resources—Contact Information by Area 

Organizational Chart [pdf]

Benefits and Compensation
Joyce Heckmann
Assistant Vice President, Benefits & Compensation 412-268-2047
Lisa Vaccaro Compensation Manager 412-268-6728
Andrew Pujol Compensation Analyst 412-268-2606
Jan Provenzano
Leaves Manager 412-268-5072
Matthew McCabe
Leaves Administrator 412-268-5899
Amy Magill Director of Benefits 412-268-1193
Walter Rosado Benefits Coordinator 412-268-9060
Ashley Stilan Senior Benefits Administrator 412-268-8438
Sabrina Gardner Senior Benefits Administrator 412-268-8197
Shawn Graham Benefits Administrator 412-268-5077
Carole Seward Benefits Auditor 412-268-3253
Rohini Rajen Benefits Auditor 412-268-5076
Jessica Baker Retirement Administration Manager 412-268-6256
Mary Meerhoff Retirement Benefits Specialist 412-268-8481
Stephanie Longmire Administrative Coordinator 412-268-2047
Benefits Help Desk 412-268-2047
Central Administration
Dianne Kenney Associate Vice President 412-268-1243
Haley Lantz

Senior Administrative Coordinator supporting
AVP, HR and AVP, Benefits & Comp 412-268-1243
Emily Baskin Communications Manager 412-268-1642
Compliance; International Human Resources; Professional Development Services
Daniel McNulty Assistant Vice President, HR Compliance 412-268-3785
Kim Abel Director, Professional Development Services 412-268-7474
Mike Bernesser Information Technology Specialist 412-268-3013
Debra Ignelzi Year One Specialist 412-268-1329
Jason Schneider Staff Development Specialist 412-268-4555
Autumn Secrest Program Coordinator 412-268-9099
Heather Wainer
Information Specialist 412-268-3458
Mary Parker Administrative Coordinator, Whitfield Hall (also supports AVP HRIT) 412-268-9511
Professional Development Services
Equal Opportunity Services
Everett Tademy
AVP, Diversity and EOS 412-268-1018
Lawrence Powell
Manager of Disability Resources 412-268-2013
Courtney Bryant
EOS Specialist 412-268-3930
Megan Worbs
EOS Projects Coordinator 412-268-2012
Human Resources Information Technology
Stephen Fulmer
Assistant Vice President, HRIT 412-268-9092
Lisa Zamperini
Director, HRIT 412-268-5950
Linda Schmidt Director, HR Business Operations 412-268-1976
Dana Corey HR Principal Systems Analyst 412-268-9162
Erin Archey HR Systems Solution Analyst 412-268-3191
Kiana Hager Benefits System Analyst 412-268-2118
Frank Varrati Customer Support Analyst 412-268-2054
Human Resources Information Technology Help Desk
Human Resources Services
Amy Barry
Director, Human Resources Services 412-268-5081
Daniel Bauer Human Resources Manager 412-268-6078
Michael Nee
Human Resources Manager 412-268-2408
Beth Walker-Rupp Human Resources Manager 412-268-5759
Recruiting and Staffing Services; Temporary Employment Service
Jeff Houser
Director, Recruiting & Staffing Services 412-268-9466
Nikhil Shirali Senior Technical Recruiter 412-268-3673
Kelly Campbell Senior Recruiter 412-268-3293
Pat Schaller
TES/HR Manager 412-268-7478
Allison Turner
Employment Specialist, TES 412-268-5073
Nubhia Nishad
Recruiting & Staffing Coordinator 412-268-7374

Campus Human Resources—Contact Information by Department

Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar
Freida Kinney Director of HR, Qatar 974-4454-8629
Computing Services
Johnene Folds-Bogard HR Manager, Computing Services 412-268-9555
Software Engineering Institute
Jack Nicholas Manager, SEI HR 412-268-3803
Allison Parshall HR Services Manager 412-268-4795
Ellie Monaco Training Manager 412-268-5189
Jeff Savinda Staffing Manager 412-268-7714
Bill Scully Technical Recruiter 412-268-1331
Craig Wink Recruiting Assistant 412-268-8915
Stephanie Corbett
HR Employment Specialist 412-268-8906
Natalie Cruz HR Admin Asst II 412-268-7525
Tepper School of Business
Tracey Masters Director of HR, Tepper 412-268-6845
University Advancement
Gloria Gruber Director, Org Development 412-268-9685
Gloria Lucini Asst Director, Org Development