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Roommate is leaving / vacancy in your room for spring semester

Any residents whose roommate is leaving university housing (due to graduation, study abroad/co-op, leave of absence or withdrawal) may pull-in a roommate of their choice provided the selected new roommate currently lives on campus and moves all belongings into their new assignment prior to 12 pm on December 22, 2015. Residents interested in this option should contact the room assignments staff as soon as possible. Requests received after December 22, 2015 will not be granted.

Residents remaining in rooms with vacancies should expect that a new resident will be assigned over the break and move in on January 6, 2016. As a result, residents should appropriately clean their room and arrange their belongings to make space for the new occupant BEFORE they leave for Winter Break. The remaining resident(s) should also anticipate an inspection for damages to be completed over the break period.

Please be sure to visit Leaving for Winter Break for further instructions on how to appropriately leave your space for the break periods.