partial winter break-Housing Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Requesting extended stays and early arrivals

Residents within campus housing can request to stay for a portion of Winter Break in the following opened buildings:

  •  Fairfax Apartments
  •  Margaret Morrison 103
  •  Morewood E Tower
  •  Morewood Gardens
  •  Neville Apartments
  •  Residence on Fifth
  •  Webster Hall

All other buildings close on December 22 at 12 pm and students will not be permitted to stay in those locations past this deadline.

Students who are not returning for the spring semester will be charged a daily room rate if they request to stay in an opened building past December 22, 12pm.

Residents who are currently assigned to an opened building may reside in their assignment during their partial stay, but are required to register online before December 22 or may be charged a fee of $100 USD per night through their student account.  Registration is required for any portion of Winter Break including arrival prior to 12 pm on January 6.

Housing Services is not responsible for securing a space for a resident wanting to stay in campus housing over the winter break. Residents not living in the open buildings, but wishing to have a partial stay in university housing for any period of Winter Break must follow these steps:

  1. Determine if you have friends or acquaintances that live in the open buildings and ask permission to stay in their room over the break.
  2. When a suitable arrangement is secured, register online before December 22. Before your request is approved, all roommates involved are required to confirm their approval of the winter break arrangement. If Housing Services cannot secure this confirmation, you will be notified that your request is denied.
  3. Denied requests will result in the student finding other accommodations for Winter Break. You may contact Housing Services if you have questions regarding this process at
The process to obtain keys for Winter Break access will be included in resident approval email messages.

If you must move into another assignment in an opened building for Winter break, please visit Leaving for Winter Break for further instructions on how to appropriately leave your space.

University Affiliated Approved Early Arrivals
Students attending Summit, Odyssey or involved with a university organization should contact the program coordinator of your group for details on your approved early arrival in January.