Things to know about Greek Winter Break -Housing Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Things to know about Greek Houses during Winter Break:

  • Housing and/or Residential Education staff will be checking vacancies beginning on Tuesday, December 20, 2016. Also, Facility Coordinators will conduct health and safety inspections of all Greek living spaces.
  • Pest control will be performed in houses over Winter Break in the kitchens and basements. Times will be arranged through the Facility Coordinator and the designated Winter Break contact for each house.
  • All commercial kitchens in fraternity and sororities facilities will be closed unless a certified cook continues to operate the kitchen during Winter Break. A certified cook must have the necessary permits and workers compensation insurance as required by the Allegheny County Health Department and the Department of Labor and Industry. The name of the certified cook should be submitted to Andrew Henry, Greek Facility Coordinator, by December 1, 2016. As stated in the Greek Lease, only a certified chef may operate a commercial kitchen. If a name of a certified cook is not reported, the kitchen will be locked for the Winter Break period. Residents may not have access to facilities related to the kitchen (refrigerators, sinks) if the kitchen is locked; students, residents and members are not permitted to use equipment within a commercial kitchen.  

Should you have any questions or need more detail on any Winter Break issue please contact