Laundry-Housing Services - Carnegie Mellon University


Laundry services are included for all on-campus residents.

We have partnered with Mac-Gray, to provide the latest equipment with advanced technology to serve your laundry needs. There are over 200 machines on campus that have LaundryView ( and and LaundryView mobile (scan the QR code displayed in the laundry room) connected to our laundry system.   All from the convenience of your computer or mobile, you are able to view a virtual laundry room to check for availability and report maintenance concerns directly to the vendor.

Mac-Gray also hosts a laundry 101 website to provide helpful information on how best to use the equipment and advise users on how they can help the environment.

Mac-Gray partners with and 47 participating colleges and universities with over $375,000 of investments in projects that verify carbon reduction.

We are excited to partner with Mac-Gray and we will continue to provide our housing residents with the best service possible.