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Key Services

Residential facilities secured by electronic locks:

Boss House, Doherty Apartments, Donner House, Hamerschlag House, Henderson House, Margaret Morrison Apartments, McGill House, Morewood E-Tower, Morewood Gardens, Mudge House, Residential on Fifth (main entrance), Resnik House, Roselawn Houses, Scobell House, Shirley Apartments, Stever House, Welch House, West Wing, Clyde House, and Woodlawn Apartments are secured by electronic locks. Residential access is encoded on the student's Carnegie Mellon ID card upon arrival to campus.

Locked Out

Residents and Greeks who are locked out of their room may visit the Housing Services office in person during business hours and may request a temporary key card for two hours to access their room. After business hours, please contact Campus Police for lockouts. After the first lock out (at no charge), including after hours, Housing Services will assess a fee to the student's account in increments of $5 (i.e. $5 for the second, $10 for the third, etc.) for each time the student is locked out.

Lost Keys

Residents who have lost their ID card should visit the Card Office during business hours to request a new ID. The Card Office will provide you with a new ID card that includes your housing access. Once the new card is used in a lock, the lost card will no longer work in that lock.

Please note the charges which apply to the replacement of a student ID card are predetermined by the Card Office.

Residential facilities with hard key access:

Fairfax Apartments , Neville Apartments, Residence on Fifth (room), Shady Oak Apartments and Webster Hall are secured by hard keys. 

Locked Out

Residents should visit Housing Services at the Residence on Fifth (second floor), to sign out a “loaner key”. This key must be returned to Housing Services by 5:00 pm the next business day.he student's account will be assessed in increments of $5 (i.e. $5 for the second, $10 for the third, etc.) for each Loaner Key provided by Housing Services beyond the first one issued.  If the "loaner key" is not returned, it will be assumed that the student lost his or her original key and charged for a lost key. 

Lost Keys

When a resident loses their key or the “loaner key” is not returned by 5:00 pm the next business day, they are billed for the lock change. The residents sharing the accommodations must arrange to pick up new keys once the lock change has taken place. Once a lock change is in progress, it cannot be canceled.

A replacement fee will be charged for lost metal keys (apartment and entrance keys) and residents of Fairfax Apartments and Webster Hall will be charged an additional fee if the electronic entrance key fob is also lost.

Residents who are locked out during normal business hours should visit Housing Services for assistance. After hours and on weekends, contact Campus Police (412-268-2323) for assistance.

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