Dry Cleaning-Housing Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Dry Cleaning

Housing Services is providing the Carnegie Mellon Community a professional, reliable, and affordable dry cleaning service. Faculty and staff can have dry cleaning picked up and then delivered to their office when completed.  Students are asked to drop off and pick up their items at the Margaret Morrison laundry room Monday through Friday from 11am-12pm, 1pm-2pm.

Please call 412-268-6939 or email dry-clean@andrew.cmu.edu to arrange for dry cleaning services.  The typical turnaround time is 72 business hours. Payment will be accepted by check only when items are returned or picked up.  Please make check payable to Carnegie Mellon University.

Current pricing is below for common items. Please contact us if pricing is not listed for a particular item you are interested in having cleaned.

Blazer or Suit Jacket $5.25 Over Coat (Down)
Blouse $4.90 Pants
Box/Folded Shirt
Rain Coat
Cap $5.00 Polo Long Sleeve Shirt
Dress $10.00
Polo Short Sleeve Shirt $4.90
Gown $12.00
Hat $5.00 Shirt
Jacket (Down) $13.00 Skirt $6.00
Jacket (Medium) $6.00 Suit (2 Piece)
Suit (3 Piece) $15.15
Lab Coat $6.00
Leather Coat
$45.00 Tie
Leather Coat (Long) $55.00 Tux Shirt $4.90
Leather Pants $45.00 Vest
Overcoat $10.00  Table Cloth $13.00