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Upper-Class Housing Application

Upper-class students who are new to campus housing or returning to campus housing after being out of housing for any amount of time must apply through the Upper-class Housing Waitlist application process.  Assignments are made in order of application date, so residents are encouraged to apply as soon as they know they need housing.  For Academic Year applications, housing offers will be sent out beginning in late April on an on-going basis until all applicants are accommodated or until all spaces are fill.  For Spring Only applicants, housing offers will be sent out in late December and early January and then on an on-going basis until all applicants are accommodated.

Students who should complete this application include students who are:

  • Returning from Studying Abroad
  • Returning from a Leave of Absence
  • Returning after an Academic or Financial Suspension
  • New international exchange students
  • New incoming upper-class transfer students (excluding CFA transfers)
  • Current residents but missed Room Selection

To complete your application, please follow these steps:

  • Log in to the Housing Portal at https://starrez.housing.cmu.edu/StarRezPortal/
  • Click on the "Apply for Housing" link in the gray header bar
  • Select the "Academic Year" or "Spring Only" term that you wish to apply for and click "Apply Now"
    Note: If you do not see the application term that you are looking for, please stop and send an email to rmassign@andrew.cmu.edu with information on your situation and what semester/year you were trying to apply for.