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For Off-Campus Students

Reestablishing Campus Housing

Students who are currently living off-campus (living in Greek housing or returning from a leave of absence) and want to live in university housing should complete the Housing Waitlist Application in order to request university housing. Room Selection is only for residents currently living in university housing. Students who submit a Housing Waitlist Application are not eligible to be "pulled-in" by a current resident who is retaining or to select an assignment during Room Selection.

Because of high demand for university housing and limited spaces, accommodations usually cannot be secured until much later in the semester. By this time, students have usually already settled into alternate arrangements. For this reason, students interested in returning to university housing rarely can.

Available Resources

To assist with off-campus housing options, Housing Services provides information and resources through our Community Housing Services page. We also hold an Off-Campus Housing Fair each February with representatives of major rental management companies that represent properties in the area.