Highlights for Room Selection 2015-Housing Services — Room Selection - Carnegie Mellon University

What's New for Room Selection 2015

Current first-year residents (rising sophomores) who are new to the Room Selection process should also be sure to read the Information for First-Year Students page.

1. Block Housing options are available in Morewood Gardens!

Morewood Gardens will continue to be an option for groups of six to 12 residents applying for Block Housing. Block Housing locations for the 2015-2016 academic year include Fairfax, Morewood Gardens, Webster, and Shady Oak Apartments. For more information about the Block Housing, check out the Block Housing page.

2. Graduate Student housing in Neville and Shirley Apartments

In an effort to create a more concentrated living experience for our graduate students, both Neville and Shirley Apartments will become designated graduate student housing for the 2015-2016 academic year.  Interested graduate students will apply through a separate application process from Room Selection - more information will be available soon. Current undergraduate residents living in Shirley and Neville Apartments can participate in one of the other phases of Room Selection to select a new room or apartment for the 2015-2016 academic year.

3. Greek residents are eligible to partipate in Room Selection.

Residents of Greek Housing are now eligible to participate in Room Selection for the 2015-2016 academic year.  This includes being pulled in by a current university housing resident who has retained his or her room, applying for Block Housing, or selecting through General Room Selection.

Greek Housing residents are also still welcome and eligible to continue to live in their Greek house for the 2015-2016 academic and will be asked to confirm their Greek housing assignment through a separate application process (outside of the Room Selection application).

4. Important info for residents who retaining their room

In order to efficiently utilize available room spaces, residents who are retaining their current rooms must fill all vacancies in the room, suite, or apartment through the Room with a Retainer phase of Room Selection (pull-ins).

Following the pull-in phase, residents who retain but do not pull-in roommates to fill all vacancies will be consolidated with other residents in half-filled rooms. This means your final assignment may not be the room/suite/apartment that you retained and may be in a different building and/or room type. Or, you will be assigned a roommate to fill the vacancy in your room. For example, if two residents in a Margaret Morrison apartment retain and do not pull in two additional roommates to fill the apartment, then the two residents who retained will either be consolidated to another Margaret Morrison apartment - if there was another two-person apartment that didn't pull in roommates - or they will be reassigned to a space in a different building that is designed for two people. The only way to guarantee your retained assignment is to pull in roommates to fill the room, suite, or apartment!

You will be notified via e-mail of your new assignment if you are consolidated. Though class standing, room type, building preference, and room rate of the desired room will be strongly considered, consolidations will be made at the discretion of Housing Services.

If you need assistance in finding a roommate, you will be able to browse through other students who are looking for roommates through the "Roommate Profile" section of the housing portal application.

5. Update for residents selecting as individuals

During the General Room Selection process, residents who are selecting as individuals will have the option to either select a single room or from spaces in rooms or apartments where there is one remaining space available. However, residents without a roommate will not be able to select an empty double or triple room during General Room Selection. You can sign up for an Open Assignment or participate in Extended General Room Selection, which occurs after all residents with roommates have selected.