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Retain your Current Room

Do you enjoy your current housing assignment? Not sure if you want to take your chances at General Room Selection for a new space? Then Retaining Your Room might be the best Room Selection option for you.

Room Retention is the process through which residents in retainable rooms can opt to select that exact same room again for the next academic year.  Most upper-class students - current sophomores and juniors - are eligible to retain.  Residents who retain are locked in to that assignment for their Room Selection participation, and can not change to a different phase of Room Selection later on.

If you are thinking about moving off-campus or participating in a different phase of Room Selection you should not retain your room until you are sure that's where you want to live next year.  After 12 p.m. noon on February 18th the Retain Your Current Room option will no longer be available on the Room Selection application.

Ready? Log in to the Housing Portal to complete your Room Selection Application (link will be available in mid-February)


Starts: Sunday, February 15, 2015 at 12 p.m., online
Ends: Wednesday, February 18, 2015 at 12 p.m.

Residents who wish to retain their rooms must do so during this window of time.  After February 18 at 12 p.m. noon, retaining ones' current room will no longer be an option. 

Who can retain? 

In general, upper-class students who are not in special interest housing, a first-year area, or an RA/CA room are eligible to retain their rooms (although there are some exceptions.)  Upper-class students residing in a designated RA or CA room, special interest housing area, an ADA (handicapped accessible) room or suite, graduate student spaces, or any space that Housing Services needs to use for other purposes for the next academic year are NOT retainable. 

First-year residents are NOT eligible to retain their current housing assignment except for those current living in Morewood Gardens.

Upper-class residents will be able to log in to the retention form to see whether or not they are able to retain their room.  If your room is not eligible to be retained you will receive an error message.  Students who are currently studying abroad cannot retain, since they do not have an assignment to retain.

Each resident must complete their own retention form to retain their space.  Your roommate cannot retain for you.  The Housing License Agreement that you sign as part of the online retention form is a contract because Housing Services and the individual student.  Every resident within a room, suite, or apartment who wishes to retain must do so on their own.

Details about Retaining Your Room

  • Participating in the Retain Your Current Room phase will confirm and finalize your housing assignment for the 2015–2016 academic year.  Once you retain, you are done with Room Selection.  You are not able to change your retention status and you will not be eligible to participate in General Room Selection to try for a different or better room. 
  • Residents who retain will NOT receive a timeslot for General Room Selection.  Residents who retain their rooms will not be eligible to participate in General Room Selection and thus are not eligible to receive Room Selection timeslots.  Residents who are considering whether or not to retain their current room must do so without a Room Selection timeslot. 
  • Residents who wish to retain their rooms must do so online before February 18, 2015 at 12 p.m.   All spaces not retained by 12 p.m. on February 18 will become available to be filled through pull-ins of other roommates who retained, will be filled through consolidations, or will be made available during General Room Selection. 
  • If your room is not eligible to retain when you log into the web site, then this phase of Room Selection is not an option for you. If you believe that your room should be eligible for retention, please contact the Room Assignments staff.

Want to retain your room? Here's what you need to do: 

  1. Talk to you current roommate(s).  Do they plan to retain as well? Or will there be vacancies in your current room following the retention process?  If your roommate(s) is not retaining, you will be required to pull-in roommates later on in order to fill the room, suite, or apartment.  If both roommates want to retain but both also want to pull in new roommates, that needs to be worked out between the two residents individually. Retainers always have first priority on a room, over pull-ins.
  2. Log in to retain your room.  Log into the Room Selection application between Sunday, February 15 and  noon on Wednesday, February 18 and follow the steps to retain your current assignment.  You will be asked to sign your Housing License Agreement during this process. Remember - once you retain your current assignment, you are locked into that assignment and will not be eligible to participate in any later phases of Room Selection.

    Note: During this step you can ONLY retain your current room for yourself.  You can also "request" one additional roommate pull-in, but to pull in roommates to fill any remaining vacancies following the Retain Your Room phase, read below for more information.
  3. Agree to pull-in roommates.  If there are any vacancies in your room, apartment, or suite (Resnik and West Wing only), then you will need to pull in roommates to completely fill the space. Talk to any current roommates that also retained the space, and come to a consensus as to who you would like to pull-in as roommates for next year. Read more about the Room with a Resident who Retained phase of Room Selection if you will be pulling in roommates.
  4. Be prepared for possible consolidation.  So that we can efficiently utilize available room spaces, residents who retain their current rooms must fill ALL vacancies in the room, suite, or apartment.  Following the retention period, residents who retain and do not pull-in roommates to fill all vacancies will be consolidated with other residents in half-filled rooms.  This means that if you do not pull in roommates to fill all vacancies, your final assignment will not be the specific room/suite/apartment that you retained.  Residents will either be reassigned to a new room (of a similar room type, if available, but this is not guaranteed) or will be assigned a roommate who also did not pull-in roommates.  You will be notified via e-mail of your new assignment if you are consolidated.  Though class standing, room type, and other preferences will be strongly considered, consolidations will be made at the discretion of Housing and Dining Services.

    If you don’t have roommates in mind, list your information on the Roommate Connections Database and browse through the listings to find other residents who are also looking for roommates.

  5. Talk to your new/prospective roommates. And then familiarize yourself with the dates, deadlines, and information relating to the Room with a Retainer phase of Room Selection.  In order to pull in roommates, you, any other retaining roommates, and the residents that you want to pull in will need to participate in this phase of Room Selection to fill your living area.