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Room Selection Phases — At a Glance

Room Selection is the process through which current residents select their housing accommodations for the next academic year.  Room Selection is comprised of a number of different phases through which students can reserve housing for the 2015-2016 academic year. 

First, you should verify that you are eligible to participate in Room Selection.  In general, only current first-year, sophomore and junior residents who are currently residing in campus housing may participate in Room Selection.

Second, you should review your Room Selection options. Remember — each eligible resident may participate in only ONE phase of Room Selection.  Once you select a room assignment during any phase of the process, you are locked in to that assignment and removed from participating in any later phases of Room Selection. 

The main phases of Room Selection are:

  • Retain your Current Room
  • Room with a Resident who Retained (Pull-ins)
  • Block Housing
  • General Room Selection
  • Open Assignments (part of General Room Selection)

Other optional phases of Room Selection include:

  • RA/CA Housing
  • Henderson Wellness House application process
  • Special Interest/Themed Living Housing

The majority of residents generally participate in one of four phases: Retain your Current Room, Room with a Resident who Retained (pull-ins), Block Housing, or General Room Selection.  However, all residents are encouraged to consider all of the options available to them. 

Preparing for Room Selection

Because of the wide variety of options for you to consider, it is important that you review each of these options carefully and select the best option for you.
To prepare for room selection, you should do the following things:
  • Have discussions with your current roommate, potential new roommates, and RA and CA staff
  • Decide which phase of Room Selection you should participate in; be familiar with all dates and deadlines applicable to your selected phase to be sure that you don't miss out on any opportunities
  • Review your buildings options

General Room Selection Timeslots

Room Selection timeslots (formerly known as "lottery" or "room draw" numbers) for General Room Selection will only be distributed to those residents who submit the General Room Selection application online and who don't participate in any earlier phase of Room Selection.  Residents who retain, are pulled-in or participate in Block Housing will not be eligible to participate in General Room Selection and will not receive a selection timeslot.  Residents interested in General Room Selection should select this option from the "Process Selection" page of the Room Selection application.

Any resident who has already selected an assignment for the fall semester will not be able to apply for General Room Selection.