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Gender Neutral Housing

Gender neutral housing permits upper-class male and female residents to reside in the same room. It is a "co-ed" living option, where roommates of the opposite gender can sign up to live with each other as roommates. Gender neutral housing is available to residents who select assignments in the following Oakland apartments for the 2015–2016 academic year:

  • Fairfax Apartments
  • Webster Apartments
  • Shady Oak Apartments
  • Clyde House

Information about Gender Neutral Housing

  • Residents can select the gender neutral housing option through the Retention/Pull-in, Block Housing, or General Room Selection processes (if apartments are still available and must be selected in person with a Housing Services representative). Gender Neutral housing is not a separate phase of Room Selection, but rather an option that can be selected through various phases.
  • Gender neutral housing is limited to available empty apartments in Fairfax, Shady Oak, and Webster. Once all empty apartments in these buildings are filled, the gender neutral housing option will no longer be available. Housing Services does not convert half-filled apartments into gender neutral housing spaces.
  • Block Housing applicants considering gender neutral housing should make their Block Leader aware of their choice and should provide the Block Leader with a signed copy of the Gender Neutral Housing Financial Responsibility Agreement. This will allow the Block Leader to make co-ed assignments during Block Housing selection. If these forms are not presented, co-ed assignments will not be permitted.  Co-ed groups who plan to separate into gender specific apartments do not need these forms - only groups planning on having co-ed roommates within the apartment.
  • Residents considering gender neutral housing should be familiar with the Gender Neutral Housing Financial Responsibility Agreement. In signing this form, you and your roommates agree to maintain 100% occupancy in the apartment for the academic year and assume financial responsibility for any vacancies that may open up mid-year. The cost of the vacancy will be split amongst the remaining residents and billed directly to their student account. This could have a serious financial impact, so please be sure to consider this carefully.
  • Students considering Gender Neutral Housing for General Room Selection should contact the Room Assignments staff to indicate interest and for further information. Adding co-ed roommates to roommate groups can only be done by a Room Assignments staff member after the Gender Neutral housing form is received. Appointments will need to be made during General Room Selection. Gender Neutral/Co-ed housing options are not available through the online Room Selection process.

Financial Responsibility for Gender Neutral Vacancies

  • Students who select a gender neutral housing assignment will be held financially responsible for any vacancies that open up within the apartment during the course of the year. Students are given the option of paying for the vacancies (the cost will be split among the remaining residents), pulling in a new roommate of their choosing, or converting the room back to a single gender apartment, based on the gender of the remaining resident(s).
  • Housing Services will not assign roommates to a Gender Neutral apartment under any circumstances.

How to Apply for Gender Neutral Housing

Gender Neutral Housing assignments cannot be selected online and will require an appointment with Housing Services.

  1. Each person who wants to live in the Gender Neutral apartment should start an application for General Room Selection through the online application process
  2. One person should create a "Roommate Group."
  3. Each person who will be living in the group should sign a submit a Gender Neutral Housing Acknowledgement form and return it to the Housing office (be sure to include the Andrew ID and the name of the person who created the "Roommate Group").
  4. A Room Assignments staff person will manually add the roommates to the group and they will then appear in each individual's Room Selection application.
  5. Each person should "submit" their application.
  6. Once timeslots are received, the person with the best timeslot should make an appointment with a Room Assignments staff member for approximately 5 to 10 minutes before the best timeslot starts.
  7. Residents arrive at the appointment time, browse available apartments, and a Room Assignments staff member will help them complete the assignment process.