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Residence Hall Options

Residence halls provide rooms with either a community or semi-private bathroom and are available to returning students during the following phases of Room Selection: Retain Your Current Room (upper-class students only), Room with a Retainer, and General Room Selection. Morewood Gardens is also available to students participating in Block Housing. All buildings are subject to availability - some buildings fill during the early phases of Room Selection and become unavailable during later phases such as General Room Selection.

Henderson (Wellness) House is also available to upper-class students through a Themed Living application process. Applications are due by Friday, February 6, 2015, at noon via The Bridge.

As part of the University’s strategic planning process, Housing Services and Student Life continue to examine and reflect on the CMU residential student experience. Morewood Gardens is one of the residential halls that is under consideration for upcoming changes, both in the building’s infrastructure and lived experience.  A potential result of these changes would mean that students who choose to live in Morewood Gardens for the 2015-16 academic year may not be able to retain their room for the following academic year (2016-17).