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Room Selection Forms

The forms below are for the 2017-2018 academic year only and should not be submitted for any Spring 2017 housing requests or changes.

2016-2017 Housing Rates
2016-2017 Staff Housing Rates (RAs and CAs only)
Housing rates for the 2017-2018 academic year have not been released yet. The 2016-2017 rates are available for reference only. A three to five percent increase can be expected.)

Pull-ins Form (For residents who retained and are pulling in roommates)

Proxy Form (For pull-ins who aren't able to attend in person)

Information about Lead-Based Paint

Housing License Agreement (For reference only - This form should only be submitted upon request by Housing Services. Most residents will complete this form through the online Room Selection process.)

RA, CA, Mentors and RA/CA Roommates Acknowledgment (required for RAs, CAs, Mentors, roommates of RAs and CAs)

Gender Inclusive Housing - Financial Responsibility Agreement

ADA Designated Rooms - Non-Retention Agreement

Intent to Participate in Room Selection (for students who are abroad or on co-op during the spring semester)

Upper-class Building Amenities Sheet