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Room Selection Forms and Guides

Below are some forms that are commonly used during Room Selection. These forms are for the Fall 2015/Spring 2016 academic year only, and should not be submitted for any Spring 2015 housing requests or changes.


Note: These forms are also available on the sections of this website where they are most applicable and have specific dates and deadlines associated with them.  Be sure that you are submitting the forms within the appropriate timeline.

2014-2015 Housing Rates
2014-2015 Housing Rates for Student Staff (RA/CA) 

Pull-ins Form (For residents who retained and are pulling in roommates)

Proxy Form - For pull-ins who aren't able to attend in person

Information about Lead-Based Paint

Room Selection Room Change Wait-list form (for residents who selected an assignment during Room Selection 2014 only)

2014-2015 Housing License Agreement (For reference only - This form should only be submitted upon request of Housing and Dining Services.  Most residents will complete this form through the online Room Selection process.)

RA, CA, Mentors and RA/CA Roommates Acknowledgment (required for RAs, CAs, Mentors, roommates of RAs and CAs)

Special Interest Housing Acknowledgment (required for Special Interest Housing residents)

Gender Neutral Housing - Financial Responsibility Agreement

ADA Designated Rooms - Non-Retention Agreement

Henderson Wellness Agreement (required for all Henderson residents)

Intent to Participate in Room Selection (for students who are abroad or on co-op during the spring 2014 semester)

Instruction Guides

Block Housing Group Leader — Instruction Guide

Block Housing Member — Instruction Guide

Retain Your Current Room — Instruction Guide

General Room Selection — Instruction Guide

Henderson Wellness Application — Instruction Guide