Current seniors or fifth-year residents-Housing Services — Room Selection - Carnegie Mellon University

Current Seniors and Fifth-year residents

Current seniors (class 4) and fifth-year seniors (class 5) are NOT automatically eligible for Room Selection, since university housing is generally only provided to students for a max of four undergraduate years.

However, a current senior or fifth-year resident who will continue to be registered as a full-time undergraduate student for the Fall 2015 semester and wishes to reside in university housing should send a request via e-mail to prior to February 1, 2015 explaining why housing is needed for an additional academic year.

Requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and residents will be notified via e-mail regarding whether or not they will be permitted to participate in Room Selection.  Priority is given to those students who will be here for the entire academic year.

Residents who are approved can participate in any phase of Room Selection for which they are eligible.  Approved seniors/fifth-years who are granted exceptions and who decide to select a space through General Room Selection should know that they will be part of the current Junior+ class pool.  Seniors/Fifth-years do not receive any special priority at selection time.