Anticipated Changes for Room Selection 2015-Housing Services — Room Selection - Carnegie Mellon University

Anticipated Changes for Room Selection 2015

The Room Selection process continues to improve as Housing Services evaluates and gathers input from participants. Housing Services will continue to conduct extensive reviews of the Room Selection process. In addition to the changes mentioned below, there may be additional changes to the overall process and how Room Selection is conducted.

Possible changes to the Room Selection process for next year (Room Selection 2016) are as follows:

  1. Room Selection is starting earlier!
    We recognize that the majority of students begin investigating their housing options very early in the spring semester.  In order to respond to this demand, Housing Services is scheduling Room Selection 2015 events to begin in mid-February and commence in early March prior to students leaving for Spring Break.  It is our hope that this change will alleviate some of the stress associated with the second half of the spring semester - at least as far as housing plans are concerned!
  2. Neville Apartments will be designated graduate student living communities
    Due to an increase in the demand for on-campus graduate student housing, Neville Apartments will become designated graduate student buildings for the 2015-2016 academic year.  As a result, Neville Apartments will not be available during Room Selection 2015 to undergraduate students. Current graduate residents living in campus housing during the spring 2015 semester will be contacted and given priority for the spaces in these two buildings, following the general Room Selection process for undergraduate students.