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Room Swaps

Room swaps are a great way for residents to coordinate assignments changes amongst themselves during periods of time when we are not otherwise processing room changes due to lack of vacancies.  Upper-class residents can request room swaps during the summer months and both upper-class and first-year students can request room swaps during the academic year at any time except during the first two weeks of each semester, during which time there is a room change/room swap "freeze."

We make every attempt to accommodate requests for swaps, but during the month of August, the first two weeks of each semester, and during Room Selection we are not able to process swaps due to limited staff resources.  We will notify you of the status of your swap request, and whether it was approved or denied.

Interested residents who have already discussed/arranged to switch rooms with another resident and met all the following criteria should submit an email request to

  • Send only one email for each swap
  • Copy (cc) all individuals involved in the swap, including any/all affected roommates, and your RA/CA staff member for your floor/building
  • Residents should not swap rooms until receiving approval from Housing Services. Moving without approval will result in a denial of the swap and residents will be notified to return to their original assignments. Failure to do so may result in fines.
  • Room swaps are not permitted or processed the weeks prior to the start of a new semester or during the first week of each semester.
  • Room swaps involving singles are not permitted due to high demand for singles and long wait lists from room changes into single rooms. An exception may apply to singles in the Oakland apartments where residents are swapping between a double and single room within the apartment.
  • Room swaps are generally approved but processing times may vary. After submitting the room swap request, if approved, you will be notified via email once your room change paperwork is ready. At that time, residents swapping rooms should come to Housing Services to sign their paperwork and update their ID cards in a kiosk.
  • Residents swapping rooms in hard key buildings (i.e. Oakland Apartments) should swap keys in the Housing Services at the time that the room change paperwork is signed by both residents so that the Housing Services key inventory can be properly updated.