Room Change-Housing Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Room Changes and Swaps

Room change offers for the 2015-2016 academic year are being sent throughout the summer as space becomes available, until August 1. We do not make non-essential room changes during the month of August or during the first two weeks of each semester. Residents who are on the waitlist for a single room should know that we do not anticipate being able to make any offers for singles.

First-year residents

The housing assignment that an incoming first-year student receives is the best possible assignment based on your admissions deposit date and available spaces. If you were not assigned to one of your top building preferences, that means there are no more vacancies available in that building. For this reason, we are not able to process room change requests or swaps for first-year students prior to arrival on campus. Even though you may not have been assigned to one of your top preferences, know that all of our first-year living areas provide an incredible amount of community and support to all residents.

If you decide that you would still like to apply for a room change after the first few weeks of the semester, we will be happy to assist you once all temporary housing residents have been reassigned to a permanent assignment in housing. The expected time for this varies depending on the number of students assigned to temporary assignments. An email is sent out to all on-campus residents once the formal room change process has begun.

Upper-class residents

Most upper-class residents obtain their housing assignments through our Room Selection process. Students also have the opportunity to submit a room change request during/after Room Selection if the assignment that they selected was not one of their top choices. Room change offers will usually begin around mid-May following the Open Cancellation Period, after all residents with Open Assignments receive permanent assignments.

Room change offers will continue until May 31 at which time a freeze will be put on all room changes. Once all first-year students are assigned, room change offers will resume and residents will be notified via email.

The formal academic year room change waitlist process begins once all temporary housing first-year residents are permanently assigned, or after the first two weeks of the fall semester. An email will be sent out to all residents once the formal room change process has begun.

Upper-class residents are encouraged to coordinate room swaps whenever possible as a way to accommodate an assignment change. Room swaps are not processed between August 1 and the end of the second week of classes.