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Morewood Gardens

Morewood Gardens is located on Morewood Avenue and is the largest residence hall in university housing. Once a gracious apartment complex for wealthy Pittsburghers, this building now provides a variety of accommodations for Carnegie Mellon students.

This building consists of prime single, prime double, prime triple and standard single rooms and is single gender by room/bathroom. There are two student lounges on each floor, a TV/recreation room (with vending machines), quiet study lounge, computer cluster and two sound proof piano modules on the first floor. There are kitchens in B Tower on the 2nd, 4th and 6th floors as well as laundry rooms at the lower level at each end of the building. It is also the home for The Underground dining facility.

Morewood Gardens at a Glance

ROOM TYPES: Prime singles, doubles, and triples, standard singles

CAPACITY: 451 residents

LOCATION: Morewood corridor

DEMOGRAPHICS: Mostly upper-class, some first-year, male, female

AMENITIES: Lounges, laundry facilities, TV and recreation room, computer cluster, laundry facilities, piano practice rooms, common area kitchens

Virtual Tours

Residence hall and apartment virtual tours and photos represent samples of rooms and amenities. Rooms and apartments may differ in layout, size, and configuration.

Morewood Gardens Prime Single

Morewood Gardens Prime Double

Morewood Gardens Prime Triple

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Morewood Gardens Facility Coordinator
Tom Brooks
Tom Brooks is a long time member of the Carnegie Mellon community. He coordinates the housing facilities in the Morewood Cooridor.