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Morewood E-Tower

Morewood E-Tower is a very reflective first-year community with signature experiences, like The Pensive Pineapple publication, gender-based programs, and a faculty engagement series. Most of all, E-Tower residents prioritize making meaningful 1:1 relationships throughout the community. Pineapples, as E-Tower residents are affectionately called, are who they say they are going to be and stand in support of one another in the good times and the bad.

A seven-story building, Morewood E-Tower is coed, but each floor is single gender. The building offers primarily standard double rooms, with a few single and triple rooms. It has lounges and laundry facilities on each floor, and houses the offices of Health Services and Counseling and Psychological Services.

Morewood E-Tower at a Glance

ROOM TYPES: Standard single, double, and triple

CAPACITY: 209 residents

DEMOGRAPHICS: First-year, male, female

LOCATION: Morewood corridor

AMENITIES: Lounges, laundry facilities, breezeway to Morewood Gardens (and The Underground restaurant in the basement)

Virtual Tours

Morewood E-Tower Standard Single

Morewood E-Tower Standard Double

Morewood E-Tower Standard Triple

Floor Plans

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Morewood E-Tower Housefellow
Helen Wang
Helen Wang
Her advice to first-years: "You have time. You have space. You just need to insist on it."
Morewood E-Tower Facility Coordinator Tom Brooks
Tom Brooks
Tom is a long-standing member of the CMU community. He coordinates housing facilities in the Morewood corridor including Morewood E Tower and Gardens, Stever, and Mudge.