Morewood E-Tower-Housing Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Morewood E-Tower

This seven-story building was erected in 1961 as an addition to Morewood Gardens. It is located at the corner of Morewood Avenue and Forbes Avenue. A breezeway on the 3rd floor allows students to easily move between Morewood E-Tower and Morewood Gardens.

Morewood E-Tower is coed by floor, but each floor is single gender, and is primarily standard double rooms, with a few single and triple rooms. It has lounges and laundry facilities on each floor, and houses the offices of Housing Services, Dining Services, Health Services, and Counseling and Psychological Services.

Morewood E-Tower at a Glance

ROOM TYPES: Standard single, double, and triple

CAPACITY: 209 residents

DEMOGRAPHICS: First-year, male, female

LOCATION: Morewood corridor

AMENITIES: Lounges, laundry facilities

Floor Plans

- Rooms
- Buildings

Morewood E-Tower Housefellow
Helen Wang
Helen Wang
Her advice to first-years: "You have time. You have space. You just need to insist on it."
Morewood E-Tower Facility Coordinator Tom Brooks
Tom Brooks
Tom is a long-standing member of the CMU community. He coordinates housing facilities in the Morewood corridor including Morewood E Tower and Gardens, Stever, and Mudge.