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Shady Oak Apartments

A great option for students who are seeking more independence, Shady Oak provides many unique benefits: the Oakland location, full kitchens, a great management team that is on top of maintenance concerns, and a friendly, committed RA staff that is passionate about creating a sense of community with programming and events but without cramping each resident’s individual style.

Located at 601 Clyde Street across from Cathedral Mansions, Shady Oak consists of efficiency, two-bedroom, three-bedroom, and suite-style apartments. Fitness room, laundry facilities, TV room and lounge are available in the building.

Shady Oak at a Glance

ROOM TYPES: Efficiency apartment double (2 occupants), two bedroom apartment or suite (3 occupants), three bedroom apartment suite (3 occupants)

CAPACITY: 79 residents


DEMOGRAPHICS: upper-class, male, female 

AMENITIES: Fitness room, laundry facilities, TV room and a residential lounge.

Virtual Tours

Residence hall and apartment virtual tours and photos represent samples of rooms and amenities. Rooms and apartments may differ in layout, size, and configuration.

Shady Oak Single Bedroom

Shady Oak Double Bedroom

Shady Oak Efficiency Double Apartment

Shady Oak Apartment Living Room/Common Area

Room & Building Photos

Shady Oak Apartments

Floor Plans

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Cable and Internet

Webster residents must do the following to login to WIFI:

  1. Reset the device. The Xfinity gateway has a physical reset button on the rear of the unit. To reset to factory default, you must hold down the button for at least 60 seconds. It take five minutes for the device to reboot and power on.
  2. Once powered on, the Xfinity gateway will broadcast the default wireless network name (SSID) that is on the side of the unit.
  3. Connect to that wireless network using the password printed on the side of the gateway.

If you are having any issues with this process, please refer to the Troubleshooting Guide.

Shady Oak Housefellow
Renee Camerlengo
Renee Camerlengo
An important life lesson she's learned from students: "That we can all find a sense of resilience! And how grateful one can be for small kindnesses from others."

Read more about Renee!
Neville Apartments
Facility Coordinator
Dave Nagy
Part of the CMU community since 1996, Dave manages the daily operations of the Oakland community including Shady Oak, Neville, the Residence on Fifth, Fairfax, Webster, Shirley, The Highlands, as well as private residences.