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Roselawn Houses

Roselawn Houses are located on the part of campus known as the Intersection, which features a number of vibrant and diverse housing communities and apartment styles that meet the ever-evolving needs of Carnegie Mellon's upper-class residents. The Intersection is the only residential area of campus that features five different housing communities with the bonus of a cohesive lived experience.

The 12 Roselawn Houses are located on a charming, private street, giving them a suburban neighborhood feel. Each house has three bedrooms, a private bathroom, kitchen, large living room, and a dining room. Roselawn houses are single gender and each house can accommodate five students.

Roselawn at a Glance

ROOM TYPES: Singles and doubles (five occupants per house)

CAPACITY: 60 residents


DEMOGRAPHICS: Upper-class students, female, male

AMENITIES: Laundry facilities, fitness room, common area lounge

Virtual Tours

Roselawn Living Room

Roselawn Double

Floor Plans

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Roselawn Housefellow
M. Shernell Smith
M. Shernell Smith
As the housefellow for many communities in the Intersection, she likes to refer to this part of campus as a "neighborhood of experiences."

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Roselawn Facilitiy Coordinator
Dan Askin
A member of the CMU community for more than 26 years, Dan manages the daily operations of housing facilities on the Hill and in the Intersection, as well as private residences.