Parents-Housing Services - Carnegie Mellon University


Welcome to Housing Services at Carnegie Mellon University! We are so excited to welcome your son or daughter to our residential community.

We understand that your top priority is making sure your children are safe, happy, and in an environment that inspires and supports them in all facets of their lives. Carnegie Mellon Housing Services makes that commitment to your child through the residential life experience, which significantly contributes to academic success, graduating on time, and the positive development of the whole student.

At Carnegie Mellon, first-year students are required to live on campus. We guarantee housing for students for their entire four-year undergraduate experience (as long as they live in university housing), and we encourage it. Living on Carnegie Mellon University's campus provides students with:

  • A 24/7 community of support
  • A place where safety is a top priority
  • A residential experience that fosters personal development, meaningful engagement, and life-long relationships
  • Convenience to all academic buildings, the university center, and 34 dining locations
  • Fully furnished rooms and spaces
  • All-inclusive living, including housing, utilities, cable, and Internet

The value of an on-campus residential experience cannot be understated. Learning, growing, and discovering take place outside of the classroom as much as it does inside one. If you have any questions about Housing Services at Carnegie Mellon University, please contact us or 412-268-2139.