Maintenance Requests-Housing Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Maintenance Requests

Non-Emergency Maintenance

All non-emergency requests for maintenance in the residence halls should be submitted as online maintenance requests. When submitting a request, please be as detailed as possible. The target time frame for all daily maintenance requests is seven working days.

If you encounter difficulties with a wired or wireless connection, please complete and submit the Wired/Wireless Problem Report.

Emergency Maintenance

In case of an emergency, such as a breakdown of an essential service (plumbing, lighting, heating, lock, etc.) or a problem that threatens health and safety, it is important to report the problem quickly.

For emergency maintenance during office hours, please call us at 412-268-2139. When the office is closed, please call Service Response Center at 412-268-2910. Please be specific when the service technician answers. Emergencies will be addressed immediately. Less severe maintenance problems may be resolved within 24 hours.

Call Housing Services during office hours at 412-268-2139

Call FMS Service Response at 412-268-2910

Call Campus Police at 412-268-2323