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Students with Special Needs

Special Housing Accommodations

Special housing accommodations can be made for students with special needs. Requests for special accommodations are subject to recommendation by the appropriate campus office (University Health Services, Disability Services, Counseling and Psychological Services) and are based on the availability of spaces within the university housing system.

Requests for special housing accommodations should be made to the appropriate office (see below) within 72 hours of submitting your housing application but before June 15. Special needs recommendations are sent to us on a rolling basis, however, it is important that all requests (even if it is just for air-conditioning) are made before June 15. After June 15, the availability of spaces decreases dramatically and we may not be able to accommodate your request. 

You need to make arrangements for Special Housing Accommodations if you have any of the following needs or restrictions:

  • Medically necessary air-conditioning
  • Mobility issues that require an assignment with elevator access
  • Needs for a private room
  • Needs for a semi-private bathroom (Completely private bathrooms are NOT available)
  • Needs for access to a kitchen
  • Any other special requests or needs

Please do not send medical documentation to the Housing Office — it must go to University Health Services, Disability Services or Counseling Services, depending on your need.

If you believe you may need special housing accommodations of any sort, we highly recommend that you contact the appropriate office as soon as you submit your housing application. The professionals in these offices can help you to decide whether or not a special accommodation might be necessary.