Open Assignments-Housing Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Open Housing Assignments

Due to the high demand for housing on Carnegie Mellon's campus, we utilize Open Housing Assignments and Temporary Housing in order to accommodate all incoming first-year students.

An Open Assignment means that you are still guaranteed housing, but that we just do not know your specific assignment yet. Most residents who receive an Open Assignment will be notified of their permanent assignment before move-in day. When making your permanent assignment, we will look at our available spaces and take your building and room type preferences into consideration whenever possible. Some residents who receive an Open Assignment may be assigned to move into a temporary housing assignment on move-in day.

In order to assist with financial aid budgeting, all residents who receive an Open Assignment will notice an initial room charge on the student account equal to our prime double room rate. This rate will be prorated accordingly once a permanent space is identified. In some cases, students will be assigned to a permanent space that is less expensive than the prime double rate; in other case the permanent assignment may be more expensive. Residents will be notified of their new room as soon as the assignment is made.

All residents who receive an Open Assignment will be updated regularly throughout the summer as we continue to identify permanent assignments. You will be notified of your move-in location — whether it will be a permanent assignment or a temporary space - through e-mail prior to move-in day.