First-year Move-in Day-Housing Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Check-in for First-year Students (non-international)

Check in for all non-international first-year students will be Sunday, August 23, 2015, from 9 am to 2 pm. If you arrive on campus after 2 pm on August 23, go to the Housing Services Office located on Margaret Morrison Street, directly across from the soccer field, to obtain your student ID, keys, and orientation materials. This office will be open 24 hours a day beginning August 23. If you are not able to arrive on August 23 and will be arriving later in the week, please email so that we know to hold your space for you.

There will be three check-in tents that will be operating during this time. Find the building that you've been assigned to below and check-in at the appropriate tent.  Information about check-in tent locations with driving directions will be sent closer to opening day.

When you check in, you will receive your Carnegie Mellon ID+ encoded with your housing access directly on it, as long as you submitted a photo to the Card Office in advance. If you haven't already submitted your photo ID, visit the ID Card Services website for instructions. Otherwise, you will receive a temporary key at check-in time and can pick up your ID card at the Card Office later in the day.

Check-in at the Margaret Morrison Street tent if you are living in:

  • Boss House
  • Doherty House
  • Donner House
  • Hamerschlag House
  • Henderson House
  • Margaret Morrison Apartments
  • McGill House
  • Resnik House
  • Roselawn House
  • Scobell House
  • Welch House
  • West Wing
  • Woodlawn Apartments

Check-in at the Morewood Gardens courtyard tent if you are living in:

  • Morewood Gardens
  • Morewood E-Tower
  • Mudge House
  • Stever House

Check-in at Oakland (Residence on Fifth lobby) if you are living in:

  • Clyde House
  • Fairfax Apartments
  • Neville Apartments
  • Residence on Fifth
  • Shady Oak Apartments
  • Shirley Apartments
  • Webster Apartments

Volunteers will be available at the check-in locations to assist with unloading your belongings.