How Do I Apply?-Housing Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Applying for Housing

The Timeline

The First-Year Housing Application will be available by early March. As an admitted first-year student, you can begin the housing application once the application is available, your admissions deposit has been processed by the University, and you have activated your Andrew account. If you’ve already been admitted you can follow the instructions below to set up your Andrew ID.

You can make changes to your unsubmitted application up until May 31. Once you submit your Housing License Agreement, your application is considered complete and you can no longer make changes.

The deadline to submit your housing application in order to be part of the first round of assignments is May 31st. We still continue to accept housing applications after this date, but these applications will be processed after the first round of assignments regardless of admissions deposit date. You should submit your dining application at the same time as your housing application.

Setting up your Andrew ID

In order to apply for housing, incoming students need to activate their Andrew ID. Follow these steps to set up your Andrew account:

  1. Obtain your Andrew ID by going to the Enrollment Services website.
  2. Then, set up your Andrew account password with Computing Services by following the instructions for New Undergraduate Students.
  3. Log into the housing application to begin.

How do I Apply?

All first-year students must submit the online New Resident Housing Application and Housing License Agreement before May 31. First-year students who were admitted off of the admissions waitlist after May 31 should submit the Housing Application and Housing License Agreement as soon as they have accepted their admission.

Applying for housing is easy, but before you start the housing application, make sure that you take some time to read through this site, become more familiar with the buildings and set up your Andrew ID. Do you have specific person(s) that you would like to room with? If so, make sure that you have their Andrew IDs so that you can request them on the application. You'll also have the opportunity to browse through potential roommates as part of the application process.

Residents who are under the age of 18 when completing the First-year Housing Application will need to submit a paper Housing License Agreement (which can be printed out once you get to that step in the housing application) signed by a parent or guardian. Be sure to allow extra time before the May 31 deadline to submit this paperwork.

Housing applications are not considered to be "complete" until a signed Housing License Agreement is received by the Housing Services office. You will receive a confirmation e-mail once your Housing License Agreement has been received by our office, whether it is the electronic Housing License Agreement or the paper version.

Once your application is "complete" you will no longer be able to make changes to your application, so make sure that your requests and preferences are final before submitting you agreement.

The Housing Application

Note: All students applying for housing should apply through the Housing portal. The specific application that you fill out is based on how you are classified in the system. When you first log into the Housing portal you will see your “Classification” listed in the left-hand menu. All first-year students — whether a traditional first-year or a CFA transfer — should see the “New First-Year” classification. If you see a different classification listed, please contact us at, since your classification determines which application you are directed to.