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FAQs - Housing Facilities and Services

How is my room furnished?

Your room rate includes all the standard furniture listed in our Housing Rates and Fees section.

Can I get extra furniture for my room?

Standard furniture arrangements vary slightly from building to building. Additional furnishings beyond those provided to each building cannot be supplied to residents unless special circumstances warrant necessary additions. Residents who feel that additions are necessary should contact the Facility Coordinator for your building.

How can I get a platform bed (a.k.a. loft unit) for my room?

All available platform beds are placed in the residence halls at the beginning of the school year. Because of the popularity of these platform beds, they are rarely returned to Housing Services. There are no extra units and in some buildings platform beds are not installed due to factors such as the height of the ceilings, room dimensions and other furniture configurations. Where applicable residents may make a switch within the same building provided they send this request to Housing Services via the maintenance request system. Housing Services will then complete the work necessary to move these bed units. Residents are not permitted to move platform beds.

Can I paint my room?

Students are not permitted to paint their rooms, doors or other residential areas. Housing Services maintains a rotation schedule that allows for all residential areas to be painted on a regular basis. Students who paint their room without authorization will be charged the cost of having the room professionally repainted.

Can I make repairs to my room or my building?

Students are not permitted to make repairs to university property. Student repairs often do not meet the standards we are setting and thus reworking these repairs only adds additional costs. Please submit a maintenance requests online if repairing is needed.

Where are the university's Oakland Community Apartments?

The Oakland Community Apartments are all within a 5–10 minute walking distance of the campus. Carnegie Mellon's shuttle also services these buildings on a regular schedule.

What is the difference between a prime and a standard room?

As a general rule, bathroom facilities, not size, make the difference. A room is typically classified as prime when it is attached to a bathroom that is shared by five or fewer students. A room is usually considered standard when its bath is shared by more than five students. In most standard accommodations, the bath is a large central bath for a floor.

What is the size of my mattress?

All university mattresses are twin extra long 39" x 80". Please refer to the Utilities and Services section if you want to buy linens.

Should I use the mattress pad supplied by the University?

Yes. These mattress pads have an inner plastic lining that prevents mattresses from becoming soiled. Students will be billed to replace soiled mattresses or missing mattress pads.

What can I do if supplies have run out on my floor and I need a few things?

Please see your Resident Assistant or submit a maintenance request if supplies run out on your floor. Your Resident Assistant will have a small supply of toilet paper, trash bags and light bulbs.

Does the university supply light bulbs, toilet paper and paper towels to the Greek Housing?

No, each fraternity and sorority may submit a request for an order of supplies. Groups are billed monthly for these types of supplies. They are also billed for re-lamping services through FMS unless there is an electrical problem with a light. Housing Services does supply some kitchen dish machine supplies. Please refer to the Dish Machine Chemicals section of the Greek Housing Policies for more information.

Is there storage space available for my personal belongings?

The Office of Student Life manages a student storage program made available to all campus housing residents. Specific information regarding the storage program will be made available upon arrival. You may also check the Student Storage website for dates & times that storage will be open.

Can I put university furniture in storage?

Most student room furniture cannot be stored during the academic year. Do not leave furniture in the hallway corridors under any circumstances. Placing furniture in hallways is a violation of fire safety code and carries a fine. To request a furniture move, submit a maintenance request to Housing Services to have designated furniture item(s) taken to storage. If the request is approved, leave the designated furniture item (s) in the room and Housing Services staff members will take the item(s) to storage. Furniture that cannot be accounted for through the maintenance request system will be the responsibility of the residents of a room. Non-university furniture cannot be stored anywhere on campus.

Can I bring my own refrigerator or microwave to campus?

Residents may bring their own compact microwaves to campus as long as they are under 700 watts. They may also bring their own mini-refrigerators to campus as long as they are smaller than 4.5 cubic feet and operate on 110/120 VAC. Residents who do not remove personal microwaves and/or mini-refrigerators upon checking out will have their student accounts charged for removal and disposal of your personal appliances.

How can I rent a Microfridge for my room?

Microfridge is a combined refrigerator and microwave appliance. Please refer to the Utilities and Services session if you want to rent a unit.

Can I have campus cleaning services clean a private bath?

We clean community bathrooms on a daily basis. Bathrooms in suites will be cleaned once a week. Residents who live in an apartment are responsible to clean their bathrooms.

What types of utilities and services are available?

Please refer to the Utilities and Services section of our website for more information.

What should I do if I lock myself out of my room or my key is lost or stolen?

Please refer to the Key Services session of our website for more information.

Can I get extra key for my visitors?

Visitors and guests are allowed in residence halls. This permits students to conveniently meet for academic, personal and social reasons. However, we cannot provide extra key for them.