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FAQs - Housing Assignments

Presented here is general housing assignments questions. If your questions are specific for Room Selection, please click here.

Am I required to live on campus?

First-year students admitted to Carnegie Mellon are required to live on campus and have a meal plan, unless granted an exception through the Dean of Student Affairs. While the majority of campus residents return to campus housing the following year, upper-class housing and meal plans are optional. Please note that it is very difficult to return to campus housing once a resident chooses to move off campus. Also, please be aware that Greek Housing is considered as off-campus housing as they are managed by Greek organizations.

How are the first-year housing assignments made and are all first year students guaranteed housing?

All first-year students are guaranteed housing. Room assignments for first-year students are made in the order in which each student's original University deposit is processed by the Office of Admissions. A number of factors are taken into consideration, including answers to questions contained within the Housing Application.

Can I keep my room for the following year if I like it?

During the spring semester, all current residents who wish to remain in campus housing for the following year must participate in the Room Selection process. Through this process, students may either choose to remain in their current rooms (Retention) or choose a different room (Selection) with a roommate(s) of their choice.

Occasionally there may be exceptions to this policy, but that information will be clearly communicated in a timely manner. Specific details of Room Selection are posted on the Room Selection website about a month before the process begins.

First-year students are not eligible to retain their rooms for the following year regardless of building and room assignment. If a first-year room assignment does become retainable, the student will be notified during the Room Selection process.

What are my chances of living on campus in the future?

All current residents are guaranteed housing for up to four years if they participate in our Room Selection process held each spring. Current seniors wishing to participate in Room Selection must request to participate before Room Selection begins. Students who do not participate in Room Selection or have left campus housing (Greek Housing is not part of the campus housing) and wish to return, will only be considered for housing if Housing Services determines there will be sufficient space.

How can I obtain information about off-campus housing?

Click here for Community Housing information and housing resources.

Does the housing license agreement cover housing during Thanksgiving, Winter, Spring and Summer Breaks?

Our Housing License Agreement covers fall and spring semesters only. University housing close for all students one day after the Commencement at noon. During Winter Break, most of the residential halls will be closed for maintenance. Housing residents are allowed to stay in designed residential buildings without extra charges. However, you need to apply your Winter Break housing online and get pre-approval. Residents will receive Winter Break information in late October or early November.

During Thanksgiving Break and Spring Break, residents can stay in their rooms without extra charges as all residential halls will remain open.

Summer housing is available for students who are attending summer school or for students that are affiliated with the university and require housing for a period equivalent to a summer school session. An on-campus residential hall is selected each spring for summer housing on the top of Fairfax Apartments and Webster Hall. The minimum period a student can apply for housing is one summer school session and there is a charge for summer housing. Greek Housing is not part of the on campus housing, please refer to your lease for further information.

When is the earliest I can arrive on campus for the fall semester under my housing license agreement?

International first-year students are permitted to move into their residential assignment one day before the International Undergraduate Student Orientation. Non-international First-year students can move into their residential assignment on the first day of First-year Student Orientation. Returning students can move into their residential assignment on the Thursday before the first day of fall semester classes. Please refer to the University’s Academic Calendar for all the academic events.

Can I cancel my housing license agreement?

Only under very limited circumstances can housing license agreements be canceled. The housing license agreement may not be canceled earlier than the two-term period of dates specified except for marriage or verified withdrawal from the University. A student may request an exception to cancel the agreement through the Director of Housing Services or the director’s designee. Cancellations may also be granted to students who are participating in University-sponsored study abroad and co-op programs, moving into a Greek Housing as outlined in the Greek organization’s lease as well as verified mental or physical reasons. Additional information and forms are available in the Office of Housing Services.

What is an eLSCR and how can I complete it?

eLSCR is an acronym for Electronic Living Space Condition Report and is submitted electronically upon checking in your room. This report plays an important part in tracking damages from check-in to check-out and is the main component of spring closing inspections and damage billing assessments. Please refer to eLSCR session for more information.