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Utilities & Residential Services

As you search for the right apartment, it is important to also consider information about utilities and residential services. This is one of the major differences between on-campus and off-campus housing; all utilities are included in the price of your room rate for on-campus housing.

The utility company that supplies utilities to your apartment or house depends on the area that you live in. You should ask your landlord or refer to the lease to determine which companies to contact.

Find out which services are included in the rental cost (paid by your landlord) and which are not (paid by you.) For utilities that are paid by you, you are responsible for setting up those utilities with the company and being there during the time of installation or set up.


Companies supplying electricity to residential customers in Pittsburgh:

Natural Gas

Ask your landlord which supplier serves your neighborhood:

Water and Sewage

Determined by neighborhood. Ask your landlord.

Garbage and Recycling

Determined by neighborhood. Ask your landlord.

Internet, Phone and TV

Competing companies provide Pittsburgh residents many options: