Moving Checklist-Housing Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Moving Checklist

As you prepare for your move to Pittsburgh, make sure to resolve or accommodate any existing obligations and anticipate new ones. You may find using a checklist helpful.

Some examples of things to consider:
  • Notify current landlord of lease termination
  • Schedule utilities to be shut off and paid
  • Submit change of address form to IRS, DMV and USPS
  • Transfer car insurance to new address
  • Establish a budget
  • Visit Pittsburgh
  • Find an apartment in Pittsburgh (furnished/unfurnished)
  • Arrange for utilities and new service hookups
  • Establish moving dates
  • Recruit help as needed (friends, family, moving company)
  • Arrange for long-term storage as needed
  • Change voter registration and drivers license
  • Open new bank account in Pittsburgh
  • Obtain new renter's insurance
  • Consult available resources as needed*

* Keep a contact list and update it as needed