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Finding Housing In Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh has a vibrant housing rental market due to the large number of colleges and universities located in the downtown and east areas of the cities. Nearly all Carnegie Mellon graduate students live in off-campus apartments and many undergraduate students chose to as well. Students are encouraged to start their housing searches as early as possible since the demand for housing in the communities surrounding Carnegie Mellon tend to be very high. However, there are a lot of resources available to assist you in finding an apartment.

CMU Off-Campus Housing

CMU's Off-Campus Housing website allows anyone with an email address to browse listings.  Many students have great success with finding housing from the companies and landlords who list on the Off-Campus Housing site. However, students should know that Carnegie Mellon does not visit or inspect any of the properties listed on the site.

Renting An Apartment

Other Housing Search Resources

Pittsburgh Information

Learn more about the city of Pittsburgh, including places to eat and ways to get around the city.